Reopening: Frequently asked questions!

Many of you are wondering about the reopening conditions for Claude Monet’s house and gardens. Here are 11 questions and answers!

Can I buy my ticket on the day when I arrive?

No, you cannot currently buy tickets at the ticket office. You must book your tickets online and in advance (www.fnac.fr, www.seetickets.fr, www.ticketmaster.fr).

The online ticket offices require me to choose an arrival time. Do I have to arrive at that exact time?

If you are running a few minutes late, you will still be allowed to enter Fondation Monet. But make sure you try to arrive at the stated time. Our time slots for visits are essential for ensuring the comfort and safety of all our visitors.

Do we enter by Rue Claude Monet?

No, you will enter by Porte No.1 (group entry) located towards the end of Sente Leroy. This lane runs perpendicular to Rue Claude Monet and comes out on Chemin du Roy. Our staff will guide you! And of course, you will be offered hand sanitiser before starting your visit.

Do I have to wear a mask within Fondation Monet?

Yes, adults and adolescents must wear masks. Under education guidelines, preschool and primary school children are exempt from wearing masks.

I forgot my mask. Can you give me one when I arrive?

No masks will be provided. So make sure you remember masks for you and your family!

Do I have to follow a certain path when visiting the gardens?

Yes, we have put in place a single-direction path to follow in order for visitors to avoid walking past each other. Your visit will start at the water lily pond and continue to Clos Normand, ending in the master impressionist’s house.

What about visiting the house?

In order to avoid any stationary clusters, you will not enter via the front door but instead via the studio/lounge door. Normally, this entry is reserved for special guests! Groups of ten people maximum will be allowed through the house in turn. Our goal is to ensure you enjoy a safe, relaxed visit.

Can we use an independent guide?

Of course, as long as your guided tour is restricted to your family only. The guide must have a tour guide business card.

Will the shop reopen under normal conditions?

In order to comply with safety regulations, plexiglas screens have been installed at each till and hand sanitiser will be offered to you upon entry. You must also wear a mask in the shop. A maximum of 30 people may be in the shop at any one time.

Can I change my visit date?

No, it cannot be changed. So check your calendar before booking your tickets!

Can I buy combined tickets?

In the current situation, we cannot sell combined tickets for the Marmottan Monet Museum, Orangerie Museum or Giverny Impressionist Museum.